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About Us

Our story, mission, and volunteers.

Our Story

The LIGHT movement was started by an amazing group of volunteers who want to ensure all people are supported in their grief. This group consists of artists, people of faith, yogis, teachers, medical and mental health providers, marketers, graphic designers, retired folks, musicians, journalists, business owners, and many more.  

Our Mission

The LIGHT Movement was created so people who are grieving know that they are not alone. LIGHT stands for Love in Grief, Held Together. We hold events, including grief gatherings, gentle yoga classes, and somatic sketching, to encourage social engagement, storytelling, and somatic education.

You’re not alone in grief.

We all grieve from many experiences on our life journeys, including:

  • The death of a loved one, human or pet

  • The experience of infertility or miscarriage

  • The loss of a relationship, separation or divorce

  • The loss of employment or housing or financial status change

  • The loss of our health or independence  

  • The loss of our feeling peace due to trauma, depression, or anxiety

  • The loss of our sense of safety due to terrorism, war, and crime


Our goal is to empower those in grief by providing resources and support, while moving through grief together with light and love.


Interested in being a LIGHT volunteer? Join our LIGHT training to learn more. 

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